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To be humanity's new standard of intelligence for ultimate performance, wellbeing and fulfilment.

To create unrivaled online programs and media that activates an individuals intelligence and ability to manifest their dreams, and have fun while doing it. 

Gratitude, Imagination, Impact


We believe the best life starts with being happy with what you have. This value is the start point of our company culture, as it underpins the necessary emotion to enjoy each day. It allows us to vibrate at the highest frequency for manifesting momentum, 900Hz. Gratitude is a higher vibration than Enlightenment, and we plan on leveraging that power.


Every vision starts with our ability to imagine. Prioritizing this skill is an invitation to dream of your greatest life. We welcome the dreamers, gii after all, is a home for the bold-hearted. 


Dreams become reality with action, and measuring impact creates a focus on real results. We believe that the impact you make in your daily lives creates the legacy you leave behind, and that should be curated with intention. 

welcome to 

the global intelligence initiative 

Unlock Your Brilliance & Manifest Your Dreams

Increase your success rates and wealth, improve your relationships, lose weight and get your dream body, date and find your soul mate. Whatever the goal is, trust me, its not what it should be to attract what you truly desire. So often people are chasing goals instead of aligning with their destiny and thats what we support with our life-changing Manifesting Formula. It's taken 20 years to nail this because we had to find the mistakes, the real root of failure, and the truth of healing and the neuropsychology of winning. Our human intelligence hacks find what's stopping you and remove those blocks so you can become UNSTOPPABLE. It's easy to master the universe once you have mastered your Self. Transform your pain to power, suffering to success and failure to fortune.

The time for your ultimate happiness is NOW! 

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About us

Imagine you did not have to compromise on fulfillment and well-being while seeking ultimate success?

gii stands for 'global intelligence initiative' and its mission is to help people master their intelligence so they can leverage the universe. We excel beyond IQ, and integrate EQ & HQ as fundamental parts of our manifesting formula.

Our focus is on II (innate intelligence) instead of just AI (artificial intelligence).


Our Inntelligence Trifecta Model teaches you how to leverage your neuropsychology (brain-mind), physiology (biology-nutrition), and your cosmology (purpose-spirituality) for an ultimate life experience and competitive advantage, every single day.

We believe innovating the intelligence quotient will lead to healthier, happier, high-performing humans, who are powered by purpose. And that, could change the world! A life where creativity is abundant, the courage to actively innovate is present and the journey is one you cannot get enough of.

Welcome to gii, Brilliant by Design.

NEUROINTELLIGENCE℠ | Neuropsychology & Brain-Mind
BIOINTELLIGENCE℠ | Biology & Body 
COSMOINTELLIGENCE℠ | Cosmology & Purpose
the intelligence of MANIFESTING mastermind
Based on the book by Gi Gi O'Brien
1. Becoming a Master Manifester
What to expect out of this epic mastermind, your
commitment, intentions, and weekly manifesting techniques to obtain ultimate performance and wellbeing during your success
2. The Secret of Happiness in Manifesting
A crazy thing happened to me, when I worked on my happiness, I suddenly was manifesting outcomes at an accelerated rate. That's when I discovered that happiness is a manifesting prerequisite. 
3. The Science of the Self & Law of Attraction 
Identify & Master the Three Selves (affective, cognitive, executive) because if you do not know who how each emotion, thought, belief and behavior are impacting your frequency, you will constantly be making mistakes that stop your outcomes. 
4. Simple Neuropsychology
An easy guide to master your brain (neurology) and mind (psychology) for high-performance and more manifesting momentum. 
5. Self-Alignment & The Manifesting Formula 
The step-by-step human intelligence formula to manifesting your dream life. I won't spoil it and give it away already but this is one of the most comprehensive, powerful, scientifically-backed fast tracks to manifesting
6. Action Plan + Bonuses 
Fail to plan, plan to fail. This final week sets you up to use all the information and put it into action to achieve the most amazing results, no matter what your manifesting goals are. This focuses on managing the downside because I believe 80% of success is managing the downside, the discomfort of change, overcoming fear with courage, and being able to thrive in motivation to stay consistent and in control
About Us
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