Launching Soon | 6-week exclusive workshop

Intelligence of Happiness Exclusive Workshop

A cup of coffee costs $4.99+, Netflix $8.99+, iPhone $1099.00+, the cost of not living your best life; well let's not even try to quantify that. But really, what is the last investment you made in your happiness?
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Intelligence of Happiness Exclusive Workshop

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Launching Soon
6-week exclusive workshop

About the Event

Happiness can span from your realtionships, to your career, or even just how good your feel about your Self and the life you are living.

This Live Exclusive 6-week workshop is a chance to transform everything you know about your Self and how you dominate your place in the world. Learn directly from the author, ask your questions and get inspired solutions. From self-doubt, to guilt, regret, feeling inadequate or even just struggling to be happy and not knowing why. If you have something going on, know that burning discomfort inside of you is your inner Self giving you permission to create more out of life. Don't worry, you won't be the only one who is stuck and that means you will become an important part of the community as we shift suffering to success.

One of the greatest philosophoies by Gi Gi O’Brien is that your pain transformed, is your POWER.

Do not miss the chance, or pay a higher price for missed opportunities, your time is now. Take it!

***This workshop is a one-off event that is hugely discounted as its a means of co-creating and hearing directly from you what your needs are so they can be integrated into the flagship course which will be selling for $1111. 00.

***Workshop price includes a FREE copy of The Intelligence of Happiness Ebook and a few more bonus items to be annoucned soon.