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What would living at your happiest feel like?

If you’re struggling to define happiness or even be honest about it, you’re not alone. There has never been a more important time to understand one simple truth about life, and about yourself:

The goal of life is joy, and you are the only factor that determines your measure of happiness.

In this bold new book, Gi Gi O’Brien applies the principles of neuropsychology to the art of authenticity, showing you how to align your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviour to understand true happiness through the mind-brain-body interconnection.

  • Enhance the elements of happiness, pleasure, and life satisfaction.
  • Understand and embrace your three versions of Self.
  • Empower the three selves through the 5C Framework of Alignment.
  • Open doors to new opportunities for a more abundant life.

By the time you finish The Intelligence of Happiness, you’ll know exactly what true happiness means for you, and it will be yours for the taking.

The Intelligence of Happiness (iBook Edition)

  • "This is exactly the kind of book the world needs right now. It examines happiness through a truthful and scientifically stimulating lens."  —Sienna Miller, actress

    "This is a book the world needs in these times, for both relief and great inspiration.”— Ndaba Mandela, Chairman of Mandela Institute for Humanity, ​​author, mentor, spokesperson, entrepreneur, political consultant, and the grandson of Nelson Mandela.

    "This is not a simplistic 'how-to' book. Gi Gi has bravely ripped the bandaid off her personal journey and processed it into a highly intellectual, transformative understanding of happiness and well-being."  — Mike Paseornek, previous President of Production at Lionsgate Motion Picture Group

    "In the discussion on motivation and purpose, Gi Gi clearly and succinctly encapsulates exactly what I discovered from the wisdom obtained through years of experience. So I can say, without a doubt, that this book will set you on a path to a refreshed outlook on life and help you discover why you are here so you have focus."  — Daniel Curran, Forbes #7 SuperAngel Unicorn Investor, founder, 

    "As we emerge from the deepest socio-economic and health crisis of our times, this fast-paced, well-researched piece provides a timely essential service so often neglected during the pandemic—the pursuit of mental health. Ms. O'Brien's raw honesty connects with readers and takes them on a journey to happiness."  — Laura Hildebrandt, Sustainable Development Specialist for the United Nations Development Programme

    "Gi Gi is a radiant and empowering person, and her passion for mental health will help many all over the world."  — Susie Moore, author of Let It Be Easy and advice columnist for Oprah, Cosmopolitan, and Good Morning America

    "The pandemic has had a global impact on mental health, but it also brought much-needed attention to the issue. In response, this book is timely, powerful, and will greatly influence well-being globally." — Cori Lathan, CEO & Board Director of Antro Tronix, tech innovator, and Brain Scientist

    "Gi Gi is a brilliant mind who bravely tackles a complex topic like mental health and makes it more accessible. This book creates a unique approach to life satisfaction that will serve humanity well." — The Honourable Richard J Evans, CEO of Octavius GB LTD

    "The Intelligence of Happiness is an impressive dissertation on living a fulfilled life. Gi Gi masterfully connects the collective intelligence of happiness and weaves it together in a most practical way."  — Steve Foran, Believer in Grateful Leadership and Founder, Gratitude at Work

    "A creative framework that builds on neuroscience findings, cognitive behavior and somatic therapies and enhances it with personality, depth, and raw realistic guidance. With 30 years of experience in social work and psychotherapy, it is refreshing to have a book like this make its way into the world at just the right time."  — Christine Harris, LCSW, MIACP, BC-TMH, Author, International Psychotherapist and Consultant

    "Gi Gi has managed to pen a book that is as easy to read as it is informative. With a smile on my face, I learned 10 valuable things every 5 sentences." — Jeff Kirkwood, International Dj and Editor in Chief of Travelier Magazine

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