the team

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Founder & CEO

Author, social entrepreneur, and founder of the Global Intelligence Initiative (gii), Gi Gi O'Brien's mission is to innovate the intelligence quotient for happier, healthier, high-performing humans using a trifecta model of basic neuropsychology, neurobiology, and cosmology.

As the world focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Gi Gi's frameworks teach people to leverage their brilliance by mastering Innate Intelligence. Since receiving the prestigious Australian Pacesetter Award from American Express Centurion in 2015, Gi Gi has worked in entertainment and consulting among Barbados, Los Angeles, and Bali.


Video Production

A multi-award-winning Australian cinematographer, filmmaker and editor. With over a decade of experience in the film, television and the advertising industry, Mark Brightwell's work has been distributed across national and international television, cinema, digital and social platforms. He has worked with powerhouse brands such as iPhone, Volvo, Hawaiian Air, Dettol and many more.  


Editorial Executive

Nigel Simmonds is the author of Bali Morning Of The World, founding editor of The Yak Magazine and author of the upcoming book Eating The Wind: A Requiem For Innocence. With more than 30 years experience as a writer and content creator, Nigel has worked for a dozen or more magazines and websites and now runs www.MrContent.Asia, a full service digital agency in Bali.